The Venue Location

The Serving Sergal & Goat To Place.

The venue is in Waldfeucht just across the Dutch  border into Germany.


For those traveling longer distances we offer a few things to help make the journey more pleasant.

  • Prior to the event and during breaks  it will be possible to buy food using our noms.
  • For those who wish to party into the night or perhaps want to enjoy our alcoholic beverages but travel by car we offer the option to stay the night and have breakfast the next morning.

Please see the pricing page for details.


The Serving Sergal & Goat To Place features a bar, where you can have one of the common drinks, but also special StahlWolle cocktails.

Drinks and snacks are provided free of charge.

The Serving Sergal & Goat To Place has a headless area for attendees that wish to change into and out of  their fur suits or just cool of a bit from al that rocking. In the headless area there will also be drinks and snacks for those that need a quick refreshment or snack while suiting.

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The venue address is Clemensstraße 32  52525 Waldfeucht Germany.

Reaching the venue by public transport from within Germany  fairly good with one bus stop right across the road and a more busy bus stop a couple hundred meters down the street at the intersection with Landstraße L228.

Public transport from the Dutch side of the border is somewhat complicated. Though there are quite a few people traveling by car so make use of our FaceBook event to catch a ride with someone passing by either the Sittard or Roermond train stations.  Keep in mind that traveling back by public transport the same day may require an early departure, or spening the night.

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