Frequently Asked Questions

We will update this page with the questions we keep getting asked but here are some we have had.

Be sure to check out the house rules as well.


Q: Is a fur suit/fur suiting required?

A: No.

Q:Is there a minimum age for the event?

A: No.* Attendees under 18years of age at the time of the event will not be served alcohol. attendees under 16 will need to be escorted by a guardian whom is at least 18years of age at the time of the event.

Q: Can I bring Drugs?

A: NO!


Q: How much does Stahlwolle costs?

A: Depends on when you buy your tickets please see the prising page for presales and door costs as well as the types of tickets offerd.

Q: What is included in the ticket?

A: This depends on the type of ticket But generally they include acces to the event, a badge, snacks and drinks, please see the pricing page for details.

Q: Can I sponsor?

A: Money is like oxygen, yes please. We are working out some sponsor perks as well, (yea pricing page for details ;) )

Drinks and Snacks

Q: Can I bring my own drinks and or snacks?

A: Yes*, though keep in mind Drinks and Snacks are included in your ticket. *You may not bring alcohol  into the venue.

Q: What is a nom?

A: They are our food tokens. They make paying for food much faster and more convenient for you and the crew.

Q: Where and When do I get noms?

A: You can buy them cash only at the bar during the event. See the pricing page for details.

Q: Are Noms Refunable?

A: No, please refrain from buying more then you need.

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